A living manifesto in ten objects.

#8 bookcase


Read the manifesto in our first article #1 armchair.

Maps are objects, objects are maps. They include the thick patchwork of relationships and handshakes of those who sewed them together. If this is true, and if you agree, then we can say that a bookcase is an atlas of maps, i.e. An object including many other objects, but above all containing the ideas, the history of those who thought of them: the books. Maybe, I could even say that nothing more than a bookcase better represents my idea of living. It is the idea of containing, telling, preserving and showing. Bookcases are us, dreams of dreams, like naked bodies wrapped up in sheets.

A, B, FSC certified fir strips, planed and variably sized. The profiles are available in length of 2,5 m and can be bought in any DIY store (e.g., Coopbau, Jumbo, Migros DoIt, Bauhaus etc..). With this scheme you can get the pieces cut on site. Try to select the profiles with as straight as possible, and with fewer knots.

C, FSC certified fir strips, class B. Made from one sole board, sized: 1.8 x 40 x 200 cm.

D. Electric drill / screwdriver, with 3mm wood drill bit.

E. Drywall screws 3.5×35 mm, black (important).

F. Extensible measuring tape.

G. Hole drill of ø65 mm.

H. Screwdriver; we recommend to use an electric screwdriver.

I. Pencil.

Mark with the pencil (I) the measures shown on each end of profiles of type B.

Use the 3 mm wood drill tip (D) to drill the holes according to the measuring marks. Use the first drilled profile as an example to drill following drills. We suggest placing a scrap under the profiles while drilling to avoid damage to the underlying surface

Set marks along the longitudinal axis of board C at 5.5 cm from the long and at 47.5 cm intervals. These will be used to drill 3 mm holes with the electric drill (D)

Screw profiles B together (pre-drilled at the ends) in order to get them protrude by 2 cm on each side and form in this way reinforced shelves.

Now screw profile B, which is already fastened to profile C, to the standing profile A. Start from the bottom by laying the first reinforces shelf on the floor.

Repeat the same step for the top of the bookcase. In order to facilitate assembling, you may also turn the structure upside-down by 180° so that the top shelf lays on the floor. Make sure that the floor is flat.

Repeat the same for all other shelves. We suggest to place them at a regular distance.

By using the regular distance of 31.8 cm you will be able to mount 6 shelves and grant enough space to arrange your document binders.

Bookshelves are the maps of ourselves. They contain the map of our itinerary and might also include some good advice for all our future projects. Like a magical ritual, by taking care of them we take care of ourselves.

Illustration: Antonio Scarponi