RAPHAEL ROSSEL • 01.03.2018

We are familiar with all of them: Anaesthetised images of architectural marvels with perfectly coordinated interior design. And if we are honest: They sometimes make us green with envy when we leaf through the relevant magazines. Nevertheless, I enjoy picking them up – because everyone can dream, can’t they? Such highly stylised images are also associated with the cultivation of home decor. But isn’t home decor more profound, diverse and complex?

It’s precisely these questions that we address in the Life at Home digital magazine from IKEA: Everything to do with home decor, in which traces of everyday life become visible. Everything to do with culture, which can continually reinvent itself because it adapts to the current requirements of its players and reflects the individuality of personalities. This can happen in as many different ways as there are ways of life. For example, with Gabriela and Georg in the portrait «We carry our home in our heart». They have both exchanged their apartment for a pitch at the camp site.

The fact that home decor is also decisively influenced by external factors is definite. The extent to which online shopping will affect our well-being in the future is investigated by the author Oliver Herwig in his contribution entitled «This can be arranged». He comes to some surprising conclusions. Or did you know that so-called OLED wallpapers will in the future be able to conjure up ocean waves breaking in our living room at the click of our fingers?

The two designers Lea Gerber and Sophie Liechti from «Atelier Volvox» enjoy experimenting in a very different way. The two entrepreneurs from Zurich design, process and sell their collections themselves, creating high quality products for the home.

Antonio Scarponi is certain that design is not subject to a rigid concept. The architect – who thinks like a designer and draws like an artist – encourages us in his monthly Carte Blanche column to become hands-on and produce items for the home by following his instructions. Self-made design for everyone!

A panorama of the wide range of lifestyle forms, an analysis of the influences that make our homes a focal point between a homeland, workroom and place of aspirations. These are the topics, which form the framework for Life at Home, the digital magazine for home decor.

Best wishes,
Raphael Rossel
Editorial editor