A living manifesto in ten objects.

#2 Coat, shoe & hat rack.


Read the manifesto in our first article #1 Armchair.

A, B, C: FSC certified fir strips, planed and sized 2×4.5 cm, with different lengths. The profiles are available in length of 1 m or 2,5 m and can be bought in any DIY store (e.g., Coopbau, Jumbo, Migros DoIt, Bauhaus etc.). With this scheme, you can get the pieces cut on site.  Try to select the profiles with fewer knots and as straight as possible. The difference between the three profile types is only given by the different wood processing which will follow.

D: Take two wooden fir panels of class B, 40 cm wide and 1,8 cm thick. 80 cm. Usually, already on the market in these sizes.
E: Fir profile, circular section ø25 mm, length 80 cm.
F: Electric drill/screwdriver with a 3mm wood drill bit.
G: Core bit, 25mm.
H: Screwdriver; we recommend to use an electric screwdriver.
L: Extensible measuring tape.
M: Drywall screws, 3.5×35 mm, black.

Mark with the pencil the shown measures on each end of profiles type B and C, which are respectively 88cm and 84cm long. Drill a hole with the ø3mm wood drill bit at the pencil mark made before.

Take the profiles of type A and mark with the pencil at 25cm, centering it on the profile at one of the two ends on all four profiles, which are all 180cm long. On two of the profiles, drill a hole by using the ø3 mm wood drill bit (place them side by side, for a more precise hole). You now have obtained element A. Use the core bit to drill a 25mm hole in profile A1. We suggest placing a scrap under the profiles while drilling to avoid damage to the underlying surface. You have now two profiles A1 and two profiles A.

Fasten profiles B to profiles A, and profiles C to profiles A1, as shown. Insert profile A into profiles A1. In this way, you obtain the two standing elements of the coat, shoe and hat rack.

Now, place them one into the other, as shown. In this way, you can fasten profile E by screwing it onto profiles A.

Take the two panels D and mark with the pencil in correspondence of the drill holes, as shown. Drill the holes with the 3mm wood drill bit.

Open the standing elements mentioned at point V. The rack is taking shape.

Place the two panels D into the frame and fasten them by screwing from above. Make use of the holes drilled in advance as per point VI.

The coat, shoe and hat rack is now complete: place your shoes on the lower shelf, bags on the first level, hang your coats on the hangers of profile E, and place your hats on top.

Illustration: Antonio Scarponi