Mexican Diary

RAPHAEL ROSSEL • 03.02.2017

In 2013, Moises Hernandez completed his studies at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) with his master’s project. ‹Diario› was also the start of his own label. The young Mexican designer Moises Hernandez came to Switzerland to do his master’s in product design. His final project at ECAL laid the foundations for his label ‹Diario›under which he now sells handmade accessories from Mexico. The name means diary in Spanish and stands for the stories behind the products.

«Even early on I was fascinated with the simple things; I like straightforward shapes and clean lines,» explains the Mexican designer Moises Hernandez, describing his love for concise design. He grew up in the notoriously chaotic and overcrowded Mexico City, leaving in 2011 at the age of 24 to do a master’s in product design at ECAL. It must have been a real culture shock for him: he left his loud, wild and colourful home of Mexico and stepped into the organised life and conceptual thinking of ECAL.

The difference between his country of origin and Switzerland and the oscillation between Mexican thinking and Swiss values made a big impression on him. And two years later, he was inspired for his master’s thesis: in 2013, he built a bridge back to his home country with his final project. The result is ‹Diario›, a label which he has been building since then and expresses what he treasures about both cultures: Mexican craftsmanship and Swiss clarity.

«I structured my master’s project in such a way that I could continue it after my studies,» recalls the designer. From the beginning, it was important to him to create a project which also had a commercial focus. He was not interested in fiction and aesthetics but in sales and building a brand. ‹Diario› which means diary (or everyday life) in Spanish has stood for the stories behind the products ever since: he travels across Mexico in search of old handicraft traditions and, in his workshop in Mexico City, designs products which have a contemporary and minimalist feel but have their roots in traditional crafts.


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Photographer: Moises Hernandez