Twenty years of sustainable fishing

Twenty years of sustainable fishing

For 20 years, the Marine Stewardship Council – MSC for short – has been advocating sustainable fishing practices, promoting the responsible use of our shared home – the Earth. IKEA has been a proud partner of the MSC since 2015 and exclusively uses fish from MSC-certified businesses in its products and restaurant food. And we are proud to do so.

An ever-changing world
Our planet is changing. Advances in technology, globalisation and social developments have a direct impact on our environment, which is why it is especially important in the 21st century to protect the Earth and all the species that depend on it to live. The MSC goes a long way to ensuring this – and has done for over two decades now.

The open, wild ocean

Fish are friends
There used to be a time when fish – and countless other foodstuffs too – were considered to be an unlimited source of food. It was only when various fish stocks in the ocean drastically depleted that people realised that the sea dwellers were not able to withstand such a consistently high level of exploitation. This was one of the reasons why the MSC came about.

What began life in 1997 as a small initiative has now become the international standard for sustainable fishing. Nowadays, 290 fisheries from 36 countries, including huge fishing fleets with several dozen boats, bear the ‘MSC’ seal of approval. They are responsible for around 12% of the world’s reported fishing quotas. Nevertheless, the MSC’s expertise stretches far beyond fish stocks and working at sea.

Ocean advocates
Although the MSC was founded with the intention of making sustainable fishing practices standard for the industry, the issues it covers nowadays are far more wide ranging. The organisation works in close partnership with scientists, retailers and wholesalers across the world, as protecting biodiversity, populations of species and our planet’s oceans requires the continuous, conscientious and motivated commitment of all parties involved. This is what the MSC is managing to do. Hats off.

A fishing boat floating above a huge shoal of fish

IKEA would like to thank the MSC for its tireless work. We are proud that our MSC-certified fish products allow us to make a small contribution to the preservation of our oceans.

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