HUS Story #13 <br /> Marielle & Phillip

HUS Story #13
Marielle & Phillip

With every article in the ‘HUS Stories’ series, IKEA gives readers a live and exclusive glimpse behind the curtains of a Swiss living room. A world away from the catalogue and store, we discover IKEA products perfectly placed and even more attractively integrated.

Phillip Jaeggi, 25, Swisscom dispatcher and shoe designer
Marielle Stähli, 21, student at teacher training college and blogger
Five-room maisonette in an old building, St. Gallen

Marielle and Phillip have been living in an old building situated in a nice area of St. Gallen for a year now. The two undoubtedly have one thing in common: their passion for photography and fashion. Their eye for detail is obvious.

No sooner had he finished his degree in LA than Phillip took the decisive plunge into the world of fashion and founded the ‘Guivre’ label with his brother in 2015. A new clothing collection is now set to follow with the recent shoe designs he has already created. His partner Marielle is training to be a primary school teacher and is also starting out a sideline as an Instagram blogger under the name Mary L Jean. Their talents complement each other brilliantly, as readers can learn in their joint fashion and travel blog ‘Laces and Places’. When we visited Marielle and Phillip for the HUS Stories series, we immediately noticed the young couple’s creativity and the inspirational nature of their home.

What criteria did you have when choosing where to live?
Phillip: Since we spend most of our time in St. Gallen, this maisonette with its practical room layout ticked all the boxes. We love the charm of this old building – and the roof terrace with a view over the whole city is unbelievable.


Aside from Olma bratwurst, what else does St. Gallen have to offer?
Marielle: The city has really spruced itself up over the past few years. Fantastically furnished coffee shops were followed by international stores such as the Nordic ‘Flying Tiger’ or ‘Klang & Kleid’. Our favourite place to drink coffee is ‘Oya’ and for Sunday brunch we go to ‘Kafi Franz’ or pick up a burger takeaway from ‘S-Werk’.

Who is responsible for the interior design in your home?
Marielle: Phillip studied interior design in Los Angeles, hence the trained eye. The flat is his personal playground. He loves to decorate it with family pieces that have their own story, such as the 1950’s radio, the record player and the film camera inherited from his grandfather. Or with rare designer furniture and finds like the painting by internationally renowned artist Steven Harrington, which is from the IKEA Art Event 2017 limited-edition collection.

How would you best describe your furnishing style?
Phillip: A mixture of mid-century, urban and greenhouse describes it very well, with a fresh northerly breeze thrown in. As well as finds from second-hand shops, shelves that we welded and built specially and armchairs we covered ourselves, you’ll also find an original neon sign advertising American Apparel in the kitchen. When the shop in Zurich closed down, we unscrewed it ourselves – with permission, of course. Ever since then, the lettering has lent our kitchen a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

What is your favourite IKEA product?
Phillip: Probably the kitchen – the centrepiece of our flat. The landlord originally used the IKEA kitchen planner to design the kitchen specially for this flat.

Do you travel often?
Marielle: Of course – we love New York and the architecture in Amsterdam too. But we feel happiest in Los Angeles, which is also where Phillip lived when he was studying. Nevertheless, we always like coming back home.

What do you have too much of in your flat?
Phillip: We like to display sketches and photos of our memories. We’ve already accumulated a magnificent collection of IKEA frames since moving in here. There are certainly many, but never too many – the same goes for plants.

How do you juggle your work with your hobbies?
Marielle: While Phillip does all the administration and organising and teaches himself photography, I take care of the post-production side of things. We’d definitely like to turn our hobby into a career at some point, of course, but for now we take photos at the weekend, often including spur-of-the-moment shots on our iPhones, or we plan individual shoots at a particular location. We both work and study full time, so we don’t have lots of free time. Luckily we work very well together and can balance our blog and leisure activities very well.

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© Fotographed by Jean-Marc Avila.
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