The rooftop terrace with stools by IKEA

HUS Story #12
Dominique & Pintia

Our series ‘HUS Stories’ shows you how to give a creative personal touch to your own four walls and how to stylishly fit in IKEA products where you wouldn’t expect to find them at all. This time, Dominique opens the doors to her beautiful attic flat where she lives with her boyfriend Giuseppe and their dog Pintia in Zurich’s Kreis 5 district.

Dominique with her dog Pintia at the kitchen table

Dominique Brauchli, 31 years old, Office Manager
Giuseppe Di Crisci, 30 years old, Sales Planning and Analysis Manager
Pintia, one and a half years old
Two-room loft, Zurich Kreis 5 district

Dominique is a pleasant woman from Grisons who has found a place of tranquility in the loft-like flat on the fifth floor in the middle of the city centre. When we visit her, her boyfriend Giuseppe is touring through Italy on his Vespa, while she enjoys the sunny days over the roofs of Zurich.

Two Vespa helmets, ready for a little getaway

Upon entering the loft it soon becomes apparent that someone has green fingers. In every corner there are plants and cacti which are illuminated by the sun in the well-lit flat. There are also various natural materials, which she showcases expertly.

Dog lying on the sofa with a vintage bar next to it

What style are you going for in your flat?
I combine wood, cork, copper and earth tones to match the large amount of green, which gives the setup an urban charm. This also allows for more freedom to combine new designs with old finds. I lived for a long time in shared flats and never felt completely comfortable. This may be the reason why I’ve focused more on travelling than my living space. This changed with the new flat and also with Pintia. For the first time, I feel at home and really enjoy designing the flat’s interior piece by piece with Giu.

Cork table by IKEA with plants and cactus on top

Two glass bottles with corks from the IKEA Sinnerlig collection

Where do you find furniture that fits in?
I often wander through second-hand shops or browse the internet for ornaments. I also customise furniture and adapt it to my needs; I would almost describe it as a hobby. 

Well-lit bedroom with duvet cover and floor lamp by IKEA

For example, I made a coffee table out of a magazine rack and a sheet of copper. And since I had too little space in my cupboard, I just converted the shower rail into a clothes rail.

Home-made coffee table with flexible reading lamp by IKEA

Shower rail by IKEA used as a clothes rail in the bedroom

Do you have a favourite IKEA product?
The mustard-yellow IKEA sofa in the living room. It’s my favourite place: a cup of tea in my hand and Pintia on my lap, then I’m happy. Also, I happened to find the vintage bar next to it in the window of a nearby second-hand shop. A lucky find.

Pintia the dog on the IKEA sofa in the living room

How is it living with a dog in the city centre?
It works quite well, Pintia is very low-maintenance and Josefswiese Park just around the corner is a good place for her to run about. With her, I spend more time in nature again and ‘stroll’ a lot more consciously through life.

What do you like in particular about your flat?
The rooftop terrace is a big plus and our little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Pintia can also always be there too. Summer evenings with a glass of wine on the rooftop terrace or even brunch on Sunday morning are priceless.

Sunday brunch on the sunny rooftop terrace in the heart of Zurich

“Having brunch with good company on the rooftop terrace is the best, I’m never going to give it up.”


What other furnishing tips can you share with us?
Mix furniture with history with new things and DIY projects and don’t shy away from trying things and giving it your own personal style. Most importantly, take your time; your home should grow with you.

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