HUS Story #11<br/> Familie Hilty-Braun

HUS Story #11
Familie Hilty-Braun

In the ‘IKEA FAMILY HUS Story’ series, we find out how IKEA products are being used in Swiss homes and how they underline the personal style of their owners. We were allowed a look around the home of our IKEA FAMILY member Steffi Martina Hilty and her family in St. Gallen.

Steffi Martina Hilty and Vinicius Braun with daughter Liz

Steffi Martina Hilty, 29, journalist, shoe designer and mother
Vinicius Braun, 27, multi-skilled engineer
Liz, 9 months
Cats Alice, 3, and Jon Snow, 2
Four-room flat in an old building in St. Gallen

Steffi Martina and Vinicius live with their daughter Liz in a stylish flat in an old building, with parquet floors and an antique tiled stove. You would never guess from the lovingly decorated rooms that the Hilty-Brauns only moved in here eight months ago and have moved house four times in the last three years. Their biggest move was their initial relocation from Curitiba, a town in Brazil, to St. Gallen. Steffi’s father had emigrated to Brazil in the 1980s, and his daughter was drawn back to her Swiss roots. Steffi shares her passion for the perfect home with her followers around the world on Instagram, while husband Vinicius plays American football with the St. Gallen Bears.

Globe on a small shelf, showing Central and South America

How would you describe your style?
Steffi: “Each room has its own character. The living room and our bedroom are decorated in boho style, while Liz’s room has something of a Nordic-Scandinavian look.”
Vinicius: “But our kitchen is more ‘industrial’ in appearance, at bit rough and unrefined. And the dressing room is really Steffi’s walk-in shoe cupboard,” (he laughs). 

Living room with dining table and high chair

Vinicius Braun preparing breakfast in the kitchen

What is important to you when you are designing a room?
Steffi: “We like to mix the old and the new. And everything has to match exactly.”

Which one of you does the interior design?
Steffi: “We make a good team. I have the ideas, and Vinicius has the DIY skills to bring them to life.”
Vinicius: “The ‘good vibes’ sign in the bedroom is the best example of that. Steffi had the idea, and I made it out of metal just as she imagined it.”

1960s sideboard with paintings by Steffi Martina Hilty

And how do you decorate your flat?
Steffi: “I had to take things easy for quite a long time when I was pregnant. So I began to paint pictures for our flat. My mother is an artist, so perhaps I’ve inherited it from her.”

How have your lives changed since your daughter was born?
Steffi: “Everything. There was life before Liz and now there’s life since Liz. And of course that’s reflected in our home as well.”
Vinicius: “For example, we’ve surrounded the bottom of our sideboard with plastic. It doesn’t look very nice, but it means she can crawl around and explore safely.”

Steffi Martina Hilty with daughter Liz

Liz already has a fantastic children’s room!
Steffi: “Vinicius made a Wendy house with a little bed right on the floor. Liz can sleep there by herself during the day already. At night she still sleeps in her cot in our bedroom.”

Daughter Liz’s child's bed, home-made by her father

How important is your bedroom to you?
Steffi: “The bedroom is our refuge, where we can really relax. Though we don’t sleep as much now that we have Liz.”


Which are your happiest times?
Vinicius: “We fly regularly to Brazil to visit our families. When we’re back in our own bed after being away travelling for three weeks, we get this great feeling: now we’re home!”

What makes a bed a dream bed?
Steffi: “Nice bed linen! And watching Vinicius and Liz sleeping when I go to bed.”

The black cat on the bed, freshly made with IKEA linen

Do you have any plans for your flat?
Steffi (laughing): “I’ve got a whole list of things that I want to change in various rooms. In the living room, for example, we want to fit shelves into the unused doorway behind the sofa.”

The study corner with computer and house plant

Daughter Liz plays on the IKEA play mat in the living room

When do you go to IKEA?
Vinicius: “Whenever we have Brazilian friends or relatives visiting! It’s a treat for them, because there’s no IKEA in Brazil.”
Steffi: “But we also often call in at IKEA to get smaller items like cooking utensils or ornaments.”

Steffi Martina Hilty has added leather straps to the IKEA chest of drawers

What do you like about IKEA FAMILY?
Steffi: “I love interior design. So I always look forward to the IKEA FAMILY newsletter and the reports on the latest news. And we often get inspiration from the IKEA hacks on the Internet.”
Vinicius: “We fastened broad leather straps to the drawers in the MALM chest of drawers in our bedroom – and that makes it something special.”

© Photographed by Marvin Zilm.
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