Democratic Design Day Lausanne 2017

Democratic Design Day Lausanne 2017

The home – as the place which we have held onto for centuries as a private and hopefully secure living space – is subject to fundamental changes. Demographic transformation, migration, the abolition of borders etc.: there are countless factors which make inroads into our domestic living space and in so doing blur the differences between within and without, between the personal and the public sphere. The fact that the world is better networked today than ever before encourages the erosion of spatial relations, and paves the way for input from technology and media channels – enabling these to impact our place of retreat ever more directly. Along with digitalisation, these are just some of the many aspects which characterise the field of tension to which we are exposed in our own homes.

What do these developments mean for our domestic sphere and living space? And what’s more, will we even have a private sphere left that we can call our own in future, or is it going to disappear altogether?

No one can predict how we will be living in 10 or 20 years’ time. The factors involved are too varied; the social and economic changes waiting at the door are just too massive. But in the light of a rapidly growing population, an ageing society and the increasing scarcity of resources, we need to find answers urgently if we are to be able to meet these challenges with strategies and solutions that serve the best interests of all. We assume that human beings will always want to have a place which answers to their need for peace and privacy.

With a view to exploring these issues, IKEA is inviting a selection of experts to Democratic Design Day to share with us their ideas, recipes and visions for the home of the future. Among those attending is the French star designer matali crasset.


She is perhaps one of the most incisive and experimental designers of our time, and will be talking about the ways in which design can be used as a concept with a view to finding pragmatic solutions. Another who has already accepted an invitation to the event is the Italian architect Antonio Scarponi. In his conceptual work on the themes of compression and participatory living, he specialises in finding architectural answers to the shortage of building space that is increasingly making itself felt.


About Democratic Design Day 2017
Democratic Design Day is held at ECAL [the Lausanne University of Art and Design] in Renens, Lausanne. Admission is free – you can register your attendance from mid-August at the website The event is aimed not just at professionals but at the general public as well. The final programme will be announced in early August.

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