HUS Story #10 The Furrer family

HUS Story #10 The Furrer family

In the “HUS Story” series, we visit creative Swiss people in their homes to see how they use IKEA furniture to complement their own personal design style. This time, lifestyle blogger Patrizia Furrer welcomed us to her home in Lucerne. She has made interior design her job and knows how DIY projects can help you wherever you need more space.

Thierry, Liv and Patrizia Furrer sitting on the wooden steps to their terrace.

Patrizia Furrer, 43, blogger & stylist
Thierry Furrer, 46, CSO Tamedia
Liv, 8
Detached house, Kriens, Lucerne
As soon as you enter the Furrer’s home, you find yourself in a perfectly harmonised interior. The passionate blogger’s house is colour-coordinated, brought to life by plants and designed with loving attention to detail. Homes and interior design have always been close to Patrizia Furrer’s heart, as you can certainly see from her blog Lilaliv. Thanks to her training in Visual Merchandising and Graphic Design, she knows all the tricks for creating aesthetic effect. She and her husband, Thierry, both love cooking and, between the various DIY projects, she also likes to include a few photos of her culinary delights on her blog. She takes us around her house and tells us about her big project “Home renovation with dream interiors”.

Bed with dark blue pillows and blanket against a dark grey wall.

Liv does some painting at her IKEA MELLTORP table.

How long have you been living and working here?

“My husband Thierry and I fell in love with this house, which is nearly 100 years old, five years ago. Liv also went dancing through all the rooms when we viewed it. Of course, there was some renovation to do; especially in the kitchen and dining room area. I was bursting with ideas right from the start and was very pleased when we moved in and I could finally get going.”

Office with slanting ceilings, decorated in black and white, with inspiring pictures on the wall.

An open magazine lies on Patrizia's desk, beneath a window overlooking Liv's bedroom.

You are obviously the one responsible for the interior. How would you describe your style?

“Scandinavian, simple and authentic. The main focus is on being able to live in it, and the whole family feeling comfortable there.”

What’s your motto?

“Live in your style and regularly get rid of things that don’t suit you any more.”

A TV, a picture and an old IKEA lamp stand on a white sideboard.

Among other things, an avocado plant in an INGEFÄRA plant pot, painted grey, stands on a white bookcase.

Are there things that need to be taken into account when decorating a house for children?

“No, I don’t think so. The only thing that’s important is that everyone has somewhere to retreat to. The rest of the family have to respect that. Liv knows, for example, where she can play and where she can’t.”

You also have some design classics. Is there one which has special meaning for you?

Patrizia: “May I introduce: George. We actually call this old George Nelson lamp by name, because I really love it.”

Liv: “And we aren’t even allowed to eat raclette under it.”

White, black and green colour scheme: over the white dining table hangs a George Nelson lamp.

What is your favourite IKEA product?

Patrizia: “We have the MALM chests of drawers in several rooms. I think they are beautiful, simple and amazingly practical. Almost all our picture frames are also from IKEA because the black matches the decor well and they are just the right depth.”

Liv: “My favourite product is my toy dog – Samy.”

Liv reads on her bed with the LIVLIG soft toy.

One of your most recent projects was Liv’s bedroom. Will you show us what you did there?

” I made the bedroom for Liv that I always wanted as a child. Of course, she was allowed to choose some things, too:  it was her dream to have a high sleeper bed. Quite a challenge in a room with sloping ceilings! I found a solution by using four NORDLI chests of drawers. We arranged them in an L shape. Fastened to the wall is a simple wooden construction made of roof battens. That keeps the two white-painted top pieces firmly in position and there are two wooden supports for additional safety.”

Liv's room has lots of white furniture, and Lego on a wooden tray with wheels.

Wardrobe constructed from MALM chests of drawers and an ALGOT hanging rail.

What is your tip for anyone who would like to try DIY but doesn’t have much experience?  

“What’s important is to tackle DIY projects that you can really use. If there is something in your house that bothers you, try to improve it. Those are perfect DIY projects.”  

Patrizia Furrer sits on a white sofa and reads a magazine.
For lots of DIY help and ideas for your home, just visit Patrizia’s blog. And take inspiration from our other HUS Stories, too.

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