(IKEA) childhood heroes

(IKEA) childhood heroes

What do the comic book heroes of our childhood have to do with IKEA? Very little, you may think. However graphic designer and digital illustrator, Sedki Alimam, has changed all this with a surprising project.

It all started when the designer from Uppsala went on a shopping trip to IKEA and bought a new item of furniture, which he assembled at home. The helpful little man on the assembly instructions not only inspired him to do DIY, but also to draw. He started with sketches and mind maps, and eventually made the connection with the comic book heroes of his childhood: Fred Flintstone, Bart Simpson, Michelangelo the turtle, Papa Smurf, and many more. From that moment on, Sedki named his source of inspiration “IKEA Man” and used the little fellow as a template to redesign various comic book characters.


The project shows just how deeply-rooted certain characters are in our visual memory. Even in their new guise, they are unmistakably reminiscent of their comic book adventures, yet it is still obvious that the iconic IKEA assembly assistant is behind the design.

A little colour can make a big difference! Try it out for yourself, or show the idea to your children – perhaps they too will soon be creating their own IKEA creatures!

Download a template to colour in here.

You can find more of Sedki Alimam’s work on his website.

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